Dutch origin

MediluX, founded in 1994 in a small Dutch town in the province of Brabant by healthcare professionals and experts from the lighting industry, has over 25 years experience in lighting project implementation and advice. 


In the beginning of this century, scientists found that the sleep/wake rhythm is controlled by non-visual aspects of light. Thus, light is not only important to see, but also crucial for well-being and health.


In close cooperation with scientific researchers, health professionals and light specialists, MediluX developed optimal light solutions, especially for mission critical rooms, elderly homes and hospitals.

Light that includes sufficient intensity and colour, significantly and positively contributes to performance, alertness, health, well-being and safety.

Scientific evidence

It is scientifically proven that shift work disrupts biorhythms and disturbs sleep/wake cycles. This results in tiredness, health problems and sleepiness for your employees. Which in turn affects performance, alertness, health, well-being and safety. MediluX and the University of Groningen developed a light solution to support people to work healthy and safely in 24/7 shifts. Providing optimal light during day and night by changing the light spectrum and intensity.

Scientific research on our projects confirms the importance of the right light at the right time.



You find our 24/7 light solutions all over the world.

For more than 30 years we designed and equipped light solutions for control rooms in proces control, public safety, utilities and medical centers. We equipped ER rooms, recovery rooms, nursing wards in hospitals, living areas in the elder- and healthcare and control rooms in a traffic tower, power generation, water/waste etc.



In recent years we developed:

Our own desk luminaires:

    • plug and play
    • meeting the best standards for the visual and non visual aspects of light
    • prevent glare and reflections

Our own LEDs:

    • for the night: the blue controlled till less than 2%
    • for the day: full daylight spectrum

Our own light scenarios:

    • optimal light for a day at the office
    • optimal light for every possible shift schedule

Our own controller:

    • to control the total light spectrum and the light intensity level
    • to enable every possible light scenario for every possible shift schedule
    • to add a personalization feature: employees can personalize their light scenario (for age, gender and being an early riser (or not))

Together, all these innovations provide for the best desk light solution (pat.pend.) for your mission critical environment.

One organisation, multi specialisms

  • Consulting
  • Design & Installation
  • Project Management
  • Services & Maintenance

Why MediluX

  • Thorough knowledge about (non-)visual and ergonomic aspects of light
  • Based on scientific research and innovation
  • From standard desk solution to custom made room solutions
  • More than 100 projects globally
  • Safety first

Your benefits

  • Reducing costs by reducing risks
  • State of the art light solutions
  • Energy efficient
  • Robust fixtures: long lifespan and low maintenance
  • Total solution: advice, design, implementation & management

Benefit now from our light solutions

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