Scientific research

In the beginning of this century, scientists found that the sleep/wake rhythm is controlled by non-visual aspects of light. Thus, light is not only important to see, but also crucial for well-being and health. In close cooperation with scientific researchers, health professionals and light specialists, MediluX developed optimal light solutions, especially for mission critical rooms, elderly homes and hospitals.











24/7 light solutions for more safety, better health, higher alertness, improved well-being and higher performance in mission critical and nursing environments.

Scientific research

Research on MediluX 24/7 Light Solutions

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Research with MediluX as part of the user committee

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Research on visual and non-visual aspects of light

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Why MediluX

  • Thorough knowledge about (non-)visual and ergonomic aspects of light
  • More than 30 years of experience in 24/7 lighting
  • From standard desk solution to custom made room solutions
  • Our proven services are already used by thousands of people
  • Experienced in conversions during full operation

Your benefits

  • Improvement of well-being, health and safety of your employees
  • Increase in alertness, concentration, focus and productivity
  • Reduction of human errors in mission critical environments
  • Energy efficient
  • Robust fixtures: long lifespan and low maintenance

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