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MediluX offers you a ‘one stop shopping’ light solution, based on 30 years of light experience, scientific research and innovation.

MediluX  designs, delivers and implements 24/7 light solutions for mission critical environments, elderly & health care, and industry. Varying from a single desk solution to a complete turnkey project. Through periodic evaluation and maintenance MediluX remains involved in those projects after implementation.


We focus on the human person and we see him/her as a fully dynamic personality. Why should the light around your workspace then be static and fixed?


It is our mission to find the optimal light solution for you and your team.


Project management

The MediluX quality control and quality procedures will adhere to ISO requirements.


Design & Installation

Every project deserves its unique design.



Service & Maintenance

To guarantee optimal light quality of your project in the future, a service contract is essential.

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Why MediluX

  • Thorough knowledge about (non-)visual and ergonomic aspects of light
  • Based on scientific research and innovation
  • More than 30 years of experience in 24/7 lighting
  • From standard desk solution to custom made room solutions
  • Projects for leading companies worldwide

Design & Installation

The result of our consulting is an optimal lighting solution for your work environment, ranging from a desk solution with click on luminaires to an exclusively designed full custom solution. With the layout of your work space as the basic input, we will present our design and a detailed drawing, giving you a good impression of your project with our luminaires (wall washers, ceiling luminaires, desk luminaires). The design will be supported with an Isolux diagram to show the amount of light around each individual situation.

For the installation of the project, MediluX works with highly scaled and experienced project managers and local construction workers, under the supervision of our project manager on site.

Conceptual & Final Design

In controlling, planning and budgets, it is important to first create a conceptual design and then a final design. During creation, the designs are evaluated by reviewers who are part of an approvement cycle. Compliance with the approved strategy in the draft documents is essential.

Delivery & Implementation

MediluX has the knowledge and experience to deliver and implement a total intelligent dynamic light system (turnkey). In this phase of the project, the operational shift workers must be involved to create acceptance of the dynamic light system and to gain maximum results!

Execution & Programming

When the project has a ‘go’, we can work efficiently in the area and the operators will hardly notice that we are present. This means that your core business can continue without disruption or loss of production.

The various light scenarios will be programmed in the solutions. In case of task lighting on your desk, a more personal light scenario will be programmed, based on type of shift, age, gender and being an early riser or not. Within limits the brightness can be adjusted to personal preference.


Quality Assurance

The MediluX quality control and quality procedures will adhere to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and  ISO 14001:2015.

MediluX maintains quality control by documenting all tests as a means of ensuring that products and services conform to the specified requirements of our customers and agencies.


Every (mission critical) work environment has unique business operational requirements and the configuration of your space has to enable peak performance of your operations. Our team of lighting specialists has the experience you need for your project. Our approach to operational planning is designed to address your needs, areas of concern and critical issues. We design an effective lighting solution to enhance performance, alertness, health, well-being and safety for your workers in mission critical environments or residents and workers in elderly-and healthcare homes.

Scientific research on our projects confirms the importance of the right light at the right time.



Project management

Projects are managed from date of order until successful completion. Activities include planning, initiation, execution, monitoring and closing of the project. MediluX takes full ownership of the delivery to run smoothly, on time and on budget. Principles of LEAN management have been adopted to avoid waste, both of time and of resources.


Service & Maintenance

We design and install robust lighting solutions; you need them 24/7, every day of the year. Proper maintenance can help to extend the life of the fixtures, software and hardware. We work with a service level agreement or maintenance contract for annual inspection and update of works of the newly installed lighting solution. Every time we visit, we will check, inspect and clean the fixtures and, last but not least, make minor requested adjustments and, if applicable, firmware updates.


Service contracts:

Points of attention at service contracts:


  • MILS light schemes updates on latest scientific research
  • MILS light schemes updates from practical customer experiences
  • Performance verification
  • Automatic update on new available firmware for the control system
  • Periodical cleaning

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