Light is important to all human beings. It is essential for employees in general and crucial for people working in non-daylight environments. In today’s 24-hour economy working hours have changed from daywork only to spreading throughout the day and even around the clock for shift workers. It is our mission to accomplish that more and more people around the world, to begin with the most vital parts of industry and society, mostly shift work, work under the best lighting conditions possible.

24/7 light solutions for more safety, better health, higher alertness, improved well-being and higher performance in mission critical and nursing environments.

Scientifically proven

It is scientifically proven that shift work disrupts biorhythms and disturbs sleep/wake cycles. This results in tiredness, health problems and sleepiness for your employees. Which in turn affects performance, alertness, health, well-being and safety.

To prevent this effects, optimal light is of the utmost importance to control the circadian rhythm of each individual in general, and your employees specifically. Optimal light is the right light at the right time and in accordance to activity and personal needs during everyday life. Optimal light is natural light, or electric light mimicking natural light as much as possible. Optimal light not only refers to the visual aspects but also to the non-visual aspects.


Standard lighting solutions do not address the non-visual aspects in the best way possible. And therefore compromises well-being, health and functioning of your employees. Scientific research shows that it is possible to improve (night) time performance while not disturbing biological rhythms. Therefore you need dynamic light. Standard dynamic light solutions vary from light that can be dimmed to light that filters blue light.


To manage the circadian rhythm of each of your employees, it takes more than just tuning light intensity levels or changing the colour spectrum of light.

Why MediluX

  • Thorough knowledge about (non-)visual and ergonomic aspects of light
  • Based on scientific research and innovation
  • More than 30 years of experience in 24/7 lighting
  • Our proven services are already used by thousands of people
  • Safety first

Your benefits

  • Improvement of well-being, health and safety of your employees
  • Increase in alertness, concentration, focus and productivity
  • Reduction of human errors in mission critical environments
  • Reducing costs by reducing risks
  • Total solution: advice, design, implementation & management

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