Our ancestors, living most of the day outside, were influenced by daylight which controlled their bio-rhythm. This bio-rhythm, also called circadian rhythm, helped them to stay awake during the day and getting to sleep during the night. Humans living in modern societies experience a nightly increase in artificial outdoor light and a daily decrease in natural outdoor light exposure while spending more time indoors. 

Focus MediluX on optimal light
for work and living

In our lighting solutions we focus on visual and non-visual aspects of light, and how they influence human well-being, health and functioning. MediluX is specialized in light solutions especially where the sleep/wake cycle needs attention.


The 7 Pillars of MediluX

We built our lighting solutions upon 7 pillars: light during the day, light during the night, shift work schedules, personalization, ergonomics, robustness and human factor engineering.

Human factor engineering

In mission critical environments the readability on screens, video walls, and OTP’s is crucial. MediluX 24/7 light solutions prevent glare by high quality mirrors and lens technology. The light beams are bundled avoiding direct light on the operator station video screen and lighting upwards for further support to ambient lighting. A mirror reflector shines light on the desk, avoiding glare.

Light during the day

Good light in mission critical and nursing environments is stimulating during the day with an intensity that is at least 5x higher than the current standard for vision (> 1500 Lux). Our full spectrum LED solutions contain all visual and non-visual aspects of daylight needed for health and alertness. Good light is essential for a properly synchronized biological clock, responsible for our day/night rhythm and it improves our sleep.

Light during the night

With our full spectrum LED solutions we can control the amount of blue till 2%. With this the melatonin suppression is minimal and thus the disturbance of the sleep/wake cycle is negligible. A high melatonin level is essential for a good health. The light intensity keeps people awake and alert, and they feel less cold. They make less mistakes and can drive home safely. 

Shift work schedules

In view of work performed during atypical hours many different shift schedules exist, each requiring an individual light program. For this purpose, and meeting the needs for light intensity and colour spectrum, MediluX has developed the MediluX Intelligent Light Scenarios (MILS).


Our ergonomic light solutions focus on good colour rendering, no flickering and an evenly lit environment. The bright screens and video walls need a bright environment, so the contrast needs to be balanced.

We comply with the international ergonomic lighting standards.


Our 24/7 light solutions fit the demands of 24/7 use. They have a long life cycle, need minimal maintenance and are highly energy efficient.

They have proven technology, are sustainable and globally applicable.



The MediluX 24/7 light solutions have a personalization feature: employees can personalize their light scenario for age, gender and being an early riser (or not).

Why MediluX

  • Thorough knowledge about (non-)visual and ergonomic aspects of light
  • Based on scientific research and innovation
  • More than 30 years of experience in 24/7 lighting
  • From standard desk solution to custom made room solutions
  • Safety first

Your benefits

  • Improvement of well-being, health and safety of your employees
  • Increase in alertness, concentration, focus and productivity
  • Reduction of human errors in mission critical environments
  • Energy efficient
  • Total solution: advice, design, implementation & management

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