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MediluX is specialized in branches where the sleep/wake cycle of human beings is deliberately or undeliberately disturbed. Deliberately in mission critical environments where people work in shifts, and undeliberately in elderly- and healthcare homes where (living)rooms are poorly lit. Elderly people need five times more light during the day for visibility and well-being and for better sleep at night, than younger people.


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Based on scientific knowledge and experience, which is supported by research from daily practice, MediluX realizes light projects for industry, elder- and healthcare, etc. Its primary focus is on the welfare, well-being, and optimal functioning of people in their work, nursing, or home environments.

Mission critical environments

Light is important to all human beings. It is essential for employees in general and crucial for people working in shifts. The rigorous demands of …

Elderly & healthcare

Light makes an impact on how people feel and behave. Optimal light is of the utmost importance to control the sleep/wake cycle. The right amount of light helps to …


Optimal processes require optimal alertness. Industry, and especially process industry, is characterized by an increasing optimization of the production process regarding production efficiency and quality of the end product. 

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