Mission critical environments

Light is important to all human beings. It is essential for employees in general and crucial for people working in non-daylight environments. The rigorous demands of your operations require you to have a work environment that supports your operational business goals. MediluX 24/7 lighting solutions are designed to maximize the performance, alertness, health, well-being and safety of your employees.

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Mission critical environment

Good vision requires good lighting

For employees who are working in control rooms and traffic towers and must monitor the safety of the measuring, control, and safety systems 24 hours a day, job demands are very high. Creating optimal conditions for concentration, alertness and well-being of these employees in their work environment, deserves special attention.


The consequences of human errors are becoming larger and can lead to disasters or even the loss of lives, not only in the chemical industry or railways, but also in air traffic towers and hospitals. In addition, it happens more often that only one employee is responsible for monitoring and controlling an entire control room. Human decisions are crucial in causing or avoiding significant losses in production processes or even the loss of human lives. An additional stressful factor for these employees is working in continuous service (24/7).

Safety and alertness crucial

Safety and alertness are increasingly important and therefore workplaces must support employees to optimally perform. Display technologies change rapidly due to the dynamic developments. Also required by new legislation, insights about this lead to adapting and changing working conditions. As a result, creating optimal conditions for concentration, alertness and well-being of employees working in a 24/7 work environment, deserves special attention.


The MediluX 24/7 Light Solutions highly contribute to improving and maintaining these conditions.

MediluX 24/7 Light Solutions

Medilux closely follows the latest developments, and with its own expertise, also contributes to scientific researches of the biological clock and the control and lighting technology, which can be used to control the light colour and light intensity when necessary. Using intensive, intelligent, and computer-controlled lighting in a 24/7 work environment, has surprisingly positive results. Not only for employees in control rooms, but also for example, for doctors and nurses in hospitals.


Light that includes sufficient intensity and colour, significantly and positively affects an
employee’s well-being, alertness and concentration. After site surveys in various sectors, MediluX has already implemented several successful projects by using computer-controlled and self-designed intelligent lighting. Evaluation with those involved in the projects, required project adjustments, and maintenance are also managed and performed by MediluX.


Medilux designs, delivers, and implements lighting projects and the requisite control technology for control rooms. At any time, it can be determined which light intensity and light colour should be applied in the rooms.

What can MediluX do for me

MediluX 24/7 light solutions make the difference.

We provide light solutions that contribute to a better and safer work environment for your personnel, at every time of the day and during the night.


MediluX 24/7 light solutions focus on light during the day, the amount of blue light during the night, ergonomics, non-visual (biological) and comfort requirements of people working in a mission critical environment. Not only every shift schedule needs its own light scenario, but also every worker does; depending on age, gender, or being an early or late riser type.


MediluX 24/7 light solutions increase performance, alertness, health, well-being and safety of your employees. This results in an improvement of employability and a reduction of costs.





Scientific evidence

It is scientifically proven that shift work disrupts biorhythms and disturbs sleep/wake cycles. This results in tiredness, health problems and sleepiness for your employees. Which in turn affects performance, alertness, health, well-being and safety. MediluX and the University of Groningen developed a light solution to support people to work healthy and safely in 24/7 shifts. Providing optimal light during day and night by changing the light spectrum and intensity.

Scientific research on our projects confirms the importance of the right light at the right time.



You find our 24/7 light solutions all over the world.

For more than 30 years we designed and equipped light solutions for control rooms in proces control, public safety, utilities and medical centers. We equipped ER rooms, recovery rooms, nursing wards in hospitals, living areas in the elder- and healthcare and control rooms in a traffic tower, power generation, water/waste etc.



In recent years we developed:

Our own desk luminaires:

    • plug and play
    • meeting the best standards for the visual and non visual aspects of light
    • prevent glare and reflections

Our own LEDs:

    • for the night: the blue controlled till less than 2%
    • for the day: full daylight spectrum

Our own light scenarios:

    • optimal light for a day at the office
    • optimal light for every possible shift schedule

Our own controller:

    • to control the total light spectrum and the light intensity level
    • to enable every possible light scenario for every possible shift schedule
    • to add a personalization feature: employees can personalize their light scenario (for age, gender and being an early riser (or not))

Together, all these innovations provide for the best desk light solution (pat.pend.) for your mission critical environment.

Why MediluX

  • Thorough knowledge about (non-)visual and ergonomic aspects of light
  • Based on scientific research and innovation
  • From standard desk solution to custom made room solutions
  • Our proven services are already used by thousands of people
  • Experienced in conversions during full operation

Your benefits

  • Improvement of well-being, health and safety of your employees
  • Reduction of human errors in mission critical environments
  • Our solutions are easy to install
  • State of the art light solutions
  • Robust fixtures: long lifespan and low maintenance

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