MediluX participant of Good Light Group

Since July 2020 MediluX is a participant of the Good Light Group. The Good Light Group is a non-profit organization operating globally. The main objective of the Good Light Group is to stimulate the use of Good Light indoors. This goal will be reached by communicating the benefits of Good Light to the people, by stimulating collaborations and by promoting knowledge developments on the topic of Good Light.


It is the mission of the Good Light Group for 2025 that 1,000,000 people worldwide know about the beneficial effects of Good Light on the body and brain. They also want to accomplish that 100,000 people worldwide live, work and learn in buildings with Good Light.


The Good Light Group has a legal structure of a foundation and has been registered in The Netherlands in May 2019.



Participation MediluX

Reason for the Good Light Group to ask MediluX to participate is that MediluX has over 20 years of experience in lighting project implementation and advice in the 24/7 environment and in health care environments. Science driven protocols to apply the right light at the right time for safety and health are their core business. Medilux is an international supplier for lighting projects in control rooms in the petrochemical industry. Medilux is a partner of Honeywell, and has participated in user committees in several scientific projects of the faculty of Science and Engineering of the University of Groningen, The Netherlands.