Shell replaces TL luminaires with LEDs

In the context of sustainable entrepreneurship Shell is opting for energy-efficient lighting. By the end of the year in one of its control rooms the TL luminaires will be replaced by luminaires that are suitable for LED.

Safety and alertness crucial

The Shell control room is a 24/7 working environment where safety and alertness are crucial. Therefore it is important that optimal conditions for concentration, alertness and well-being of employees are maintained. By replacing the TLs by MediluX LEDs Shell wants to combine energy-efficient lighting with the latest techniques in the field of biodynamic lighting.


MediluX LEDs have a Full Light Spectrum according to the MediluX Intelligent Light Scenarios (MILS). By applying MILS, the following benefits can be gained:

    • more safety
    • higher alertness
    • better concentration
    • higher performance
    • no glare in screens
    • less tiredness during and after work

In addition tot saving energy and CO2, Shell also has the advantage of significantly reducing annual maintanence costs by this conversion to LEDs.