What can MediluX do for Honeywell

MediluX offers Honeywell a ‘one stop shopping’ light solution, based on 30 years of light experience, scientific research and innovation. MediluX  designs, delivers and implements 24/7 light solutions formission critical environments all over the world. Varying from a single desk solution (MDS) to a
complete turnkey project (MCS). Through periodic evaluation and maintenance MediluX remains involved in those projects after implementation.










MediluX 24/7 Desk Solution (MDS)

The MediluX 24/7 Desk Solution focuses on optimal light during the day, the amount of blue light during the night, ergonomics, non-visual (biological) and requirements of comfort for people working in a 24/7 mission critical environment.

Benefits of MediluX 24/7 Desk Solution:

  • No glare
  • Easy to install
  • Operate with app
  • Better health
  • Higher alertness
  • Improved well-being
  • Higher performance

MediluX 24/7 Custom Solution for mission critical environment

In situations where a revamp is needed, or a complete new design can be made, our MediluX Custom Solution (MCS) will be designed exclusively for your particular situation, meeting your wishes and needs.


Leading aspects that will be taken into account are desk/console locations, frequently used routes, the shape of the room and the location of other furniture.


Scientific Evidence

It is scientifically proven that shift work disrupts biorhythms and disturbs the sleep/wake cycles. This results in tiredness, health problems and sleepiness for the shift workers. Which in turn affects performance, alertness, health, well-being and safety. MediluX and the University of Groningen developed a light solution to support people to work healthy and safely in 24/7 shifts. Providing optimal light during day and night, by changing the light spectrum and intensity. Scientific research on our projects confirms the importance of the right light at the right time. We provide daylight in your control
room and therefore the right light at the right time.


The MediluX 24/7 Light Solutions adheres to the circadian rhythm of shift workers.


Scientific key results of MediluX 24/7 Light Solutions:

  • amount of errors while working in shifts is reduced by 28%, measured over a time interval of 24 hours, which has a direct relation to the R.O.I.
  • in addition to the reduction of errors, an average risk reduction of 31% of causing an accident.
  • 22% less tired during the night shift period, reducing the effect of tired eyes and sleepiness.


Research M.C.M. Gordijn (Groningen University) and C. Rense (MediluX)

Plug & play


  • Specifically developed for Orion 
  • Easy to mount on desks/screens
Medilux app

Controller & App


  • Control the total light spectrum and the light intensity level
  • Enable every possible light scenario for every possible shift schedule
  • Add a personalization feature: employees can personalize their light scenario (for age, gender and being an early riser (or not))

Production and testing

For more than 30 years MediluX have designed, produced and equipped light solutions for control rooms. This in close cooperation with scientific, health professionals and light specialists. All MediluX light solutions are produced in the Netherlands and tested before they are delivered to the customer.

Together, all these innovations provide for the best 24/7 light solution for your mission critical environment.


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