MediluX Custom Solution (MCS)

In situations where a revamp is needed, or a complete new design can be made, our MediluX Custom Solution (MCS) will be designed exclusively for your particular situation, meeting your wishes and needs. Leading aspects that will be taken into account are desk/console locations, frequently used routes, the shape of the room and the location of other furniture.











Light solution

The light solution will be created using suspended luminaires (provided the ceiling height is sufficient), so-called wall washers to brighten the walls creating an evenly lit environment, and line luminaires in the ceiling to further light the whole environment. Suspended luminaires will also give indirect lighting to the ceiling to further enhance the evenly lit environment. A MCS design will be a creation which will appear as one complete design and not the combination of different entities.


In our light solutions we use our own LED; after a period of thorough research, MediluX successfully produced its own LED light sources. The MediluX LED has a light spectrum similar to the sun, in contrast to a conventional LED, and mimicks daylight as effective as possible.


Our full spectrum LED solutions contain all visual and non-visual aspects of daylight needed for health and alertness.


With our full spectrum LED solutions we can control the amount of blue till 2% during the night. With this the melatonin suppression is minimal and thus the disturbance of the sleep/wake cycle is negligible.

Light scenario

Optimal light is the right light at the right time at the right place and in accordance to activity and personal needs. Optimal light is natural light, or electric light mimicking natural light as good as possible.


For this purpose, and meeting the needs for light intensity and colour spectrum, MediluX has developed the MediluX Intelligent Light Scenarios (MILS). The MILS range from a day at the office scenario till light scenarios for every possible shift schedule.


On top of that, recent discovery shows that personal aspects are also important for shift workers. Therefore, we developed the MILS+ system that allows for entering data regarding gender, being an early riser or not, age of the person. It also has the ability to adjust the light intensity level locally at desk level.


In elderly and healthcare environments, the right amount of light helps to improve the quality of life of residents. A high lighting level provides the residents and carers with better visibility. For the residents the light scenario is adapted to the time of breakfast, luncheon and dinner, rest periodes, and more active periods during the day.

Human factor engineering

With the well-being of your employees in mind, further aspects of the room design can be considered: colour schemes, reducing the sound levels (acoustic panels), sound shower systems in case of different operator consoles to avoid the nuisance of hearing each other’s alarm signals etc.

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